**~~Alicia~~** (strangelilgirl2) wrote,

Class Presentation-- Tension!

Yesterday was my presentation in Women’s Studies class. Some of the questions we had to answer were: “What are your religious beliefs?” “How do you feel about the abortion controversy in the US and what is it really about?” and “What are your political beliefs?” Yeah, I pretty much got slammed. I’m an agnostic, pro-choice, liberal. That’s not what people want to hear! I hate that, what is supposed to be a Women’s Studies class, is turning into an abortion-debate class. The majority of the class seems to be pretty anti-choice (I refuse to use the term “pro-life” here, because I am not seeing individuals against the taking of human lives, but instead against reproductive choice) but there a few other pro-choicers in the room. I expected the kind of response I got. After the first two days in class, and hearing so many students strongly agree with the statement “Abortion is murder”, I didn’t have much hope for my own speech! Lisa sat in our class and got to hear this whole little controversy. It was very tense. I hate tension. I really do. But I’m not backing down from my beliefs just to keep the peace. I think that we, as adults, should be able to calmly and rationally discuss our own views and hopefully grow and learn from one another. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone is just getting angry and leaving the room with all these negative feelings towards one another, the instructor, and the class itself. I hope to see an improvement in this by the end of the year. Debate is good. Resentment and anger are not!

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